Developing for People.

I'm a front end web developer that can work the back end a bit too. I design beautiful websites that are functional, and search engine friendly. I make sites that my clients can be proud of, and use. I'm a firm believer in people driven design with a solid backend in the latest web frameworks.

Responsive Design

Sites are equally as gorgeous in HD or on your iPhone.

Solid Code

I speak PHP, HTMl5, CSS3, javascript and jquery so you don't have to

SEO from the Start

All sites are coded to latest SEO practices, clean code, clear results.

Content Management

I am a Wordpress developer who sometimes works with Drupal and Joomla!

Art and some Code too

Everything in my portfolio I've designed and developed unless otherwise noted

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I want the internet to be pretty both inside and out

I'm Samantha, and I currently study Mathematics and Philosophy at Arizona State University. I speak in equations, English, and French. I'm a problem solver inside the classroom and out on the streets of Phoenix. I code, I make science, I do business, I drink a lot of coffee in between and I make things on the internet pretty. I am an artist without prejudice, whether you are a multinational corporation, or just one person, I want to hear your story. I love to read books, do crossword puzzles, and learn new things. I am a perfectionist when it comes to letters whether it's how they're presented or how they're used. I am infatuated with open source software, and the people that make it free. I am the typical college student, eager to please, socialize, and make magic while neglecting to sleep at night, I'm a day dreamer.

Let's make magic happen (but not like Criss Angel) together.

Contact Info

I love to chat and answer all sorts of questions!

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  • Scottsdale, Arizona